Find the Perfect Graduation Party Venue and Plan the Best Graduation Party


A graduation ceremony is so much more than a quick walk across a stage. They mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. They symbolize hard work, dedication, perseverance, and self-improvement. Because they are so momentous, many people choose to mark the occasion with a party! Here are some tips to help you find the perfect graduation party venue and plan the best graduation party! 

How to Find the Perfect Graduation Party Venue

Finding the perfect location for your graduation party is key! The ideal location should be large enough to comfortably fit all your guests, have plenty of parking, and be centrally located for most of your guests. Of course, you can always host the party at your home, but sometimes it’s nicer (and easier) to book an outside venue. 

El Agave is a 3,000 square foot event venue in Crystal Lake, Illinois. We can currently accommodate up to 200 people in accordance with the regulations set by Phase 4 of the Recover Illinois COVID-19 program. Our space has 2 ADA accessible restrooms and offers free parking for all guests directly in front of the venue. We specialize in customizing our venue to meet the needs of our clients and offering flexibility to allow for the party of your dreams!

Graduation Party Ideas for Fantastic Food

When it comes to feeding your guests at a graduation party, there are tons of options! You can cook your own food and include some of the graduate’s favorite dishes or enlist the help of a catering company. We recommend going with a caterer because you can still feed your guests a delicious meal without having to spend time preparing everything. Plus, you’ll be able to relax during the party. 

In addition to the big meal, you may also want to have some food tables and stations set up around the venue that go along with the graduation theme. Here are some fun food ideas we have for you: 

  • One Smart Cookie Table: This idea combines two party favorites – sweets and puns! Set up a table with a variety of your favorite cookies, label them clearly, and add a sign above the table with a picture of your graduate and the saying “One Smart Cookie”!
  • Chocolate Graduation CapsThis is a popular graduation food choice because it’s so cute and easy to make!
  • Themed Candy Table: Everyone loves candy – especially when it ties into the party theme! Set up a table and label each candy with a different pun. For example, tootsie rolls can be “honor rolls”, gummy worms can be “book worms”, and smarties can be “smarty pants”. 
  • Diploma Pirouettes: This one is easy and delicious! All you have to do is tie a small ribbon around individual pirouette cookies to make it look just like a diploma! 

Graduation Party Ideas for Decorations

No party is complete without decorations! The décor needs to match the theme and create a fun atmosphere for your guests. Here are some of our suggestions for graduation party decorations: 

  • Class Photos: There are so many ways you can use class photos of the graduate as decorations. You can put the photos into frames and scatter them around the venue, you can turn them into a fun banner, or into a wreath and hang it at the front entrance. No matter what, it’s always fun for guests to see how much the graduate has grown!
  • Clear Confetti Balloons: Something about these fun balloons just screams graduation to us! You can find them in a variety of confetti colors which is perfect for matching school colors.
  • Keys To Success Board: This decoration doubles as a party gift for the grad. Put together a board with keys and blank tags and encourage guests to share their “keys for success” with the graduate! 
  • Tassel Garland: Tassels are an important and meaningful symbol for graduates, so you should include some as decorations at your party! You can make your own colorful tassels and hang them all throughout the party venue.
  • Then and Now Centerpieces: If you’re looking for a fun centerpiece idea for the tables at your graduation party, try this! Take an old photo and their senior picture to create a “Then and Now” simple centerpiece. 
  • College Flag as a Tablecloth: This is a fun one! Instead of using regular tablecloths, you can use the graduate’s college flag to cover some tables. 

Graduation Party Ideas for Entertainment

It’s always a good idea to have some forms of entertainment in mind to keep your guests engaged and excited. Here are a few ideas for entertainment at your graduation party: 

  • Photo Booth: Who doesn’t love a photo station? You can always rent a photo booth machine, but it’s also fun to create your own photo station. Set yours up with a colorful background, fun props, big balloons, or anything you want! This is one area where you can run wild with creativity. 
  •  Instagram Hashtag/Challenge: Not only is it fun to have a specific Instagram hashtag for your graduation party, but it can also become a fun game for guests to play at their leisure. Offer a prize to the person who takes the most pictures with the graduate at the party or set up a photo scavenger hunt for guests to participate in. This game can double as a gift for the graduate because you can turn those Instagram photos into a memory book!
  • Class Ring (Pop) Game: This is a graduation party take on the wedding ring game! Set out a bowl of ring pops for your guests to wear throughout the party. If you hear someone say the word “graduate”, you can steal their ring pop for yourself. The person with the most class ring (pops) at the end of the party wins for a prize!

Graduation Party Favors

The final graduation party idea we have for you is to offer your guests a party favor. It’s always nice to send your guests off with something they can use! Here are some ideas we like for graduation party favors: 

  • Custom Graduation Popcorn Bag: We love this idea! You can customize paper bags to say, “Thanks for Popping By!” and then fill them with popcorn. 
  •  Custom Drink Cozies and Plastic CupsThis is a fun and easy party favor that your guests will love! Customize beverage cozies and plastic cups to congratulate the grad and send your guests home with! The best part about these party favors is that they can be used during the actual party!
  • Bright Future Sunglasses: This one is easy and affordable. Fill a basket with sunglasses and set it down by the exit. You can leave a little sign next to it that says, “For Your Bright Future”!

Now that you have these tools in your belt, you’ll definitely be able to plan the perfect party for your favorite graduate! El Agave would love to be a part of your graduation party by providing you with a great venue. If you are interested in learning more about El Agave or if you would like to visit the venue in person, fill out our online contact form!