10 Entertainment Ideas for Kids at Your Wedding

According to a recent survey, one of the biggest trends for weddings in 2022 is not allowing children to attend. While this may not be an option for everyone, it is a decision that can cause controversy. If you do decide to allow children at your wedding, below are 10 things you can do to keep them entertained and occupied.

  1. Sparklers

    Sparklers are safe when used correctly and can be a great way to incorporate kids into your wedding celebration. Just be sure to have plenty of adult supervision on hand to help ensure that everyone stays safe.

  2. Sack Races

    Sack races are a classic kids’ game that can be a lot of fun for kids of all ages. If you’re having an outdoor wedding and kids will be present, sack races can be a great way to keep them entertained. All you need are 6-10 burlap sacks and a little bit of space.

  3. Building Blocks

    Building blocks come in various levels of difficulty, so you can provide both advanced and more simple options depending on the age of the kids. Plus, kids will love getting a chance to build something during the wedding, and it will be a unique favor for them to take home with them.

  4. Hire a Kids Entertainer

    If you want the guests at your wedding who have children to be afforded more freedom, hire a kids entertainer. This could include a magic performer, face painting, caricature artist, etc. Not only will this give the adults a much-needed break, but it will also keep the kids entertained so that they don’t get restless or disruptive.

  5. Scavenger Hunt

    A scavenger hunt is a great way to keep kids entertained. By providing postcards with items that need to be found or completed, kids will have a blast searching for the items on the list.

  6. Show a Movie

    One way to keep them happy and occupied is to show a movie during the reception. This can be easily arranged with the help of a streaming service. You can choose a movie that’s appropriate for all ages, or show different movies in different rooms to accommodate different age groups.

  7. Photo Booth

    A photo booth is an obvious choice for any wedding, but it’s especially well-suited for weddings where there will be children in attendance. Photo booths provide a fun and easy way for kids to take part in the festivities, and they’re sure to enjoy the chance to dress up in costume and strike a pose.

  8. Kids Only Area

    One solution is to create a kid only area. This can be a designated space at the venue with toys, puzzles, and other activities to keep kids busy. Additionally, having a kid only area will provide some relief for parents as they have a safe space for their children to interact with other kids.

  9. Mini Photographers

    Provide children with disposable cameras so they too can capture their special day through their eyes. A cute idea is to ask close friends who have children to provide you with a few of their photographs to include in your wedding album.

  10. Craft Table

    Having a craft table at your wedding is a great way to keep kids entertained. It can be set up with a variety of craft supplies, such as paints, crayons, markers, clay, and more. This way, kids can have fun making their own creations that they can take home with them.

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