12 Unique Wedding Entertainment Options

With your wedding day approaching it is important to consider your entertainment options for the wedding venue you decided upon. Below are 12 unique wedding entertainment options for indoor and outdoor weddings.

  1. Wedding Fireworks
    Wow everyone at your wedding with a firework show. Create a cute sign and place It at the front of the reception area to let your guests know of the event.

  2. Smore Stations
    Who doesn’t love smores? No matter if your event is inside or outside this creative activity will create a buzz at your wedding and having people conversing and engaging with one another.
  3. Table Trivia
    A fun and creative way to have members at the table converse with one another. Before your guests arrive place postcards with trivia questions about the bride and groom.
  4. Harpist
    A rising trend in 2022 is the incorporation of a harpist. Most everyone knows what a harp is but not very many people have seen a harp being played. The harpist adds an elegant touch to the event and will create quite a buzz.
  5. Casino Theme
    If you do not live close to a casino, why not bring the casino vibe to your wedding. Bright lights, live music, card playing stations, roulette wheels to name a few. Think over the top and Bada Bing you have yourself a casino themed wedding.
  6. Karaoke
    Reserved for later in the night, karaoke is a great way to get everyone on the dance floor and either enjoy a few laughs or be completely amazed by the person singing.
  7. Simple/Kid Games
    Very seldom are children not in attendance at weddings, to keep children busy consider incorporating little gift bags for tables where children will be present. Building blocks, puzzles and other small toys will keep the youngsters busy allowing your guests to enjoy your wedding more.
  8. Wedding Piñata
    A great way to keep all guests entertained is by incorporating a piñata. Multiple Piñatas can be used and filled with age-appropriate gifts, one for children and two or three the other age groups attending.
  9. Whiskey Bar
    One of the most popular entertainment options is the incorporation of a whisky bar. Open the whiskey bar to your patrons later in the evening to avoid rowdy behavior.
  10. Cigar Bar
    Paired with whiskey it is a no brainer and what better way to cap off the evening with a nice cigar and close friends.
  11. Live Band
    Step up the entertainment level with a live band. Sit down with your spouse and create a play and do not play list to ensure the special songs in your life can be performed by the band.
  12. Fire Breathing
    If you are really looking to crank up the heat hire fire breathers. These specialty performers always draw a crowd.

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