Create a Wedding Hashtag That’s Perfect for Your Big Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Everything you and your significant other have gone through has led you to this moment. The moment where you begin a new chapter of your lives together. It’s a day that you, your partner, and your loved ones will never forget. That being said, it deserves to be documented and commemorated in every way possible. In today’s world, that includes being recorded on social media. The best way to make sure you can find every social media post about your wedding is to create a unique wedding hashtag! Here is our advice on how to create a wedding hashtag that’s perfect for your big day!

Start With the Basics When Creating Your Wedding Hashtag

The first approach you should take when coming up with your wedding hashtag is to start with the basics. This may sound obvious or even boring, but it’s how some of the most creative wedding hashtags are made. Start by making a list of all the simple information that relates to you as a couple and could be relevant for your wedding hashtag. Some examples include:


    • Your First Names
    • Your Last Names
    • Your Nicknames
    • Your Pet’s Name
    • Your Wedding Date
    • Your Wedding Venue
    • Your Hometown(s)
    • Your Wedding Theme


Writing down the answers to these questions will help you get a feel for some possible wedding hashtag combinations. Embrace the personal, quirky, and funny when answering these questions and you’ll find your wedding hashtag may be easier to create than you anticipated.

wedding hashtag

Make Your Wedding Hashtag Punny

Creating your wedding hashtag should be a fun experience! It may seem small, but your wedding hashtag can set the tone for your big day and show your guests another side of your relationship. Plus, puns are an essential part of the hashtag writing process; you might as well embrace them!

In order to make your hashtag punny, you’ll want to do a few things. First, identify any opportunities for alliteration or rhyming. One you’ve exhausted every option on your own, it might be helpful to pick up a thesaurus and make a list of any words you find that could work. Once you’ve done this, we suggest making a list of common phrases related to love and marriage! See if you can replace a word in those phrases with something that relates to you as a couple.

Rely On Your Creative Friends to Create Your Wedding Hashtag

If you and your partner can’t seem to find the right wedding hashtag on your own, it might be time to enlist some outside help. Nobody knows you better than your friends and family, so invite them into the conversation and see what they come up with! You might be surprised at how effective this can be. Besides, working on your wedding hashtag together is a great way to make your loved ones feel included in the big day!

Use a Free Wedding Hashtag Generator

Another great way to find the perfect wedding hashtag for you is to utilize a free wedding hashtag generator. All you have to do is search “free wedding hashtag generator” and start plugging in your information! It’s important to keep in mind that these tools will not be able to provide you with extremely customized wedding hashtags. There’s just no way that they could. That being said, generated hashtags can be incredibly helpful for sparking new ideas you hadn’t considered before.

Check to Make Sure Your Favorite Wedding Hashtag Doesn’t Exist

Now that you’ve created the wedding hashtag of your dreams, it’s time to make sure that it’s not already taken! Start searching for your wedding hashtag on all relevant social media platforms. If nothing shows up, then you’re in the clear! If your search does turn up some results, you’ll need to head back to the drawing board. Before you feel a sense of defeat though – there is a chance your current hashtag idea can work! All you’ll need to do is make a few adjustments. Consider adding on your wedding date, your anniversary date, or the year.

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